I decided to write about somethings that i watch mostly animation. I also put my recommended rating and my recommended minimum age group usually with reasons. Some people might find these a bit conservative especially since many people think cartoons are only for little kids. But hey whatever. These aren’t synopsis or plot summaries for those you can go to Anime News Network or IMDb. My watch rating (which is more than my out of 10 rating) from best to worst is; mustC, 4sure ,worthwhile , maybe , pass & d’na ask

Animated series

Animated movies




Anime and cartoons

Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Iranhieto – – – Watch? : mustC

Rating : 8.5/10 – – – Age group : 15+ – – – Due depth and intensity and some bloodiness

Great series overall, it has a bit of trouble with consistency (there is just a quite a rift between the quality of some episodes and others) ; still overall great with good pacing nice story and the right air of mystery around it (it doesn’t reveal everything outright and even leaves some things completely unexplained which keeps it interesting). Nicely animated as well. Ending was a bit weak.

Claymore (26 eps) – – – Watch? : 4sure

Rating : 7.5/10 – – – Age group : 18+ – – – Due themes, bloodiness and perverse sadistic scenes as well as nudity

Blondes with swords, YAWN! How good can it be right? Much better than I expected. Well developed with good depth and decent pacing though exceptionally twisted. Unfortunately very weak at some points (mainly the end) and tends to go on too long at some points (also mainly at the end). If you skip the last DVD in the complete series I would give it an 8, but then it doesn’t give you an ending (which is better than what you get in this case), good point to transition to the manga.

Coyote Ragtime Show (12 eps) – – – Watch? : D’na ask

Rating : 3.0/10 – – – Age group : 13+ – – – Due action and intensity and rare bloody scenes

The first episode is by far the best (and bloodiest) the rest of the series just falls apart due to very bad execution of an initially promising offering (I mean the concept had potential).

Deathnote (37 eps) – – – Watch? : MustC

Rating : 9.0/10 – – – Age group : 15+ – – – Due action and intensity and rare bloody scenes

An awesome concept very well executed, what sets this series apart for me is how action oriented it is, but the main confrontations are fast paced and dramatic but not people physically fighting it out. Basically it is very original detective crime drama thriller mystery. So watch it if that appeals to you.

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood – – – Watch? : MustC

Rating : 10/10 – – – Age group : 15+ – – – Due depth and intensity and some bloodiness

One of my two favourite series, me and my brother are in agreement this and Morobito were so good that they practically ruin anything else, I only watched a bit of the old series but didn’t find it nearly as compelling. This series is AWESOME you have to watch it, the animation, characters, story, pacing I love everything about it.

Hayate no Gotoku (52 eps) – – – Watch? : worthwhile

Rating : 7.5 & 6.5 /10 – – – Age group : 13+ – – – overt innuendo and really questionable outfits and fanservice

Fun and likeable comedy good overall, gets boring and repetetive at some points and some jokes I don’t really get; the more trivia (tv game and geek) you know the more you will enjoy the show, many “cameos” so to speak. The fan service is disconcerting or amusing I suppose (like some of the jokes), happens much more in the later episodes (late 30’s i think). I rate the second season at about 6.5, it is meant to be truer to the manga, but it just wasn’t energetic enough.

Hellsing (13 eps) – – – Watch? : worthwhile

Rating : 7.0/10 – – – Age group : 15+ – – – Bloody and sadistic in a nice way (has a sense of humor ๐Ÿ˜› )

Fun and likeable (Alucard is crazy, in a good way like the joker) but fairly weak and shallow execution in spite of its short run the pacing is a bit off (plus some annoying plot holes left unexplained).

Macross Frontier (25 eps & OVE) – – – Watch? : Maybe / D’na Ask

Rating : 5.5/10 – – – Age group : 16+ – – – Due themes, bloodiness and nudity

Rating : 2.5/10 – – – Age group : 18+ – – – Due themes nudity and suggestive content

I will keep this short, I am not a fan of Space Opera, but the series was charming and entertaining and for fans of the genre (that don’t mind the forced fanservice and a bit of camp) I would recommend it. That being said I hated the OVA, the retelling is lame, there are too many plot holes, the fanservice is excessive and the pacing sucks and everything is just shoveled in, if you watch the series then the OVA you would be more forgiving since the series gives you a good base, but alone I despise the OVA, they did reanimate most of it and the effort is there but the results aren’t.

Murder Princess (6 eps) – – – Watch? : 4sure

Rating : 7.0/10 – – – Age group : 13+ – – – Due depth and intensity and frequent bloodiness

The name says it all. Quirky, good but loses its sense of humour too quickly while getting a bit too dramatic later, especially since the series was a bit comic to begin with. Saved in a way by its short length from a lower rating (that maybe why the humour was toned down to get along with the story). You can’t beat the novelty of the concept though.

Rurouni Kenshin (95 eps) – – – Watch? : worthwhile

Rating : 7.5/10 – – – Age group : 13+ – – – Due depth and intensity and some infrequent bloodiness

Long running series, this is the first anime I seriously watched (so it is a bit special to me), quite corny & campy (not exactly to my taste) but well executed and funny, the back stories can be a bit tedious but they add depth, favourite fight probably Soujirou vs Kenshin. Don’t watch past about 62 episodes (Kyoto arc ending). Or you will most likely regret it.

Samurai Champloo (26 eps) – – – Watch? : 4sure

Rating : 8.0/10 – – – Age group : 15+ – – – Due bloodiness and occasional profanity/obscene content

This is just an original and fun series, the characters and setting are cool and original, it just gets a bit too weird at times and the pacing is a bit off.

Samurai X Trust & Betrayel (OVA 4 parts,or directors cut movie) – – – Watch? : MustC

Rating : 10/10 – – – Age group : 18+ – – – Due bloodiness and mature content.

I love this OVA, it was what got me into anime so I love it. Brilliant drama and awesome realistic samurai action, must see for Samurai/Swordsman drama fans and the music and animation is just awesomw. Get the original 4 part OVA (it is 4:3 not widescreen FYI), the directors cut crops and stretches the picture which ruins the setting, even worse is the music getting reworked and for the worse not better, I rate the directors cut as an 8 or 8.5 rather than a 10. Watch in Japanese please (which I do for most anime most times anyway).

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood – – – Watch? : 4sure

Rating : 7.5/10 – – – Age group : 15+ – – – Due depth and intensity and fanservice

I really like this series, it is a bit campy but I like how it was done and the characters are interesting. I really liked the first series, I can’t recommend the 2nd series or the Railgun spin off, they were just supremely disappointing (at the time of writting the second series still has 8 episodes to go so I hope it redeems itself). I want to rate this higher but that would just be for my taste.

Witch hunter robin (26 eps) – – – Watch? : worthwhile

Rating : 7.0/10 – – – Age group : 13+ – – – Due depth and intensity and some infrequent gruesomeness as well as religious connotations

Well executed and the pacing picks up at a good time, quite open ended and nicely styled. Unfortunately it ends quite weakly (plot wise), if your worried about religious influence watch the last dozen episodes with your kid to make sure they don’t take it too literally and don’t take lightly the fact that it is blasphemous (potentially since its left open for interpretation so to speak). I realized that the pacing is too slow and setting too subtle for most people so I knocked it down to a 7.

Animated Movies

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs – – – Watch? : MustC

Absolute genius, realize I love comedy family movies and this one is just so wonderfully eccentric it’s practically perfect. This movie is very zany so obviously it won’t be to many people’s taste but I think it is brilliant.


American Gangster – – – Watch? : Maybe

Good movie, not Godfather good but still good; though I recommend you watch it before you buy because of it’s graphic nature. I find the movie to be in bad taste though unlike Sweeny Todd for example the content does not make up for it. Not particularly inspiring though well acted.

Bridge to Terabithia – – – Watch? : Worthwhile

Extremely sad movie for me, left me quite depressed ; I believe not the intention or the message though. I bought the book to have a read, im not sure I should recommend because of how sad I found it, it is definitely different. Don’t expect it to be anything like Narnia (thats the impression many people get from the trailer).

Charlie Wilson’s War – – – Watch? : Maybe

pro American, pro Israel, pro Mohammed Zia, good watch but for me not worth owning for those reasons. Also found Julia Roberts character to be unbearably annoying.

Collateral – – – Watch? : mustC

Really cool, nice cinematography and pacing. Tom Cruise is unexpectedly really good in his role as Vincent.

Deep blue Sea – – – Watch? : Maybe

Shark movie, not really anything special Samuel L Jackson gets eaten, makes it almost worthwhile.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs – – – Watch? : MustC

Brilliant drama, not what I was expecting, lackluster acting from some of the supporting cast but the drama and Eastwoods performance are brilliant. Turns out to be quite a dark movie.

Hot Fuzz – – – Watch? : MustC/4sure

Awesome cop comedy, very British, very funny and cleverly dumb. Depending on your taste this could be a MustC (like for me). Not groundbreaking but great fun to watch, pay attention to the dialogue, it’s great.

Inception – – – Watch? : 4sure

SciFi, action and drama, I think it was really well done and a good story was wrapped around a good concept. The action scenes were overdone (typical nowadays though) but I like how the concept was not pushed too heavy handedly (although my brother disagrees) which let the movie flow very well. I like it.

Lord Of The Rings trilogy – – – Watch? : mustC

I feel sorry for people who haven’t watched the trilogy, not because of how good i think the movies are but the level of hype will corrupt the experience. Ill just say I highly recommend the entire trilogy.

No Country for Old Men – – – Watch? : Maybe Worthwhile

Interesting execution of a decent though not inspiring plot, well made and interestingly paced but quite violent and not to my taste. Ends a bit flat.

Red Dragon – – – Watch? : 4sure

Chilling and thrilling, I have to say that I still think Silence of the Lambs is such a masterpiece that it might overshadow this, but I was pleasantly surprised by how good the movie was, convinced me Edward Norton is a brilliant actor, naturally Anthony Hopkins is perfect in his role, which you should expect.

Robocop – – – Watch? : 4sure

Amusing over the top action movie, in a modern dystopia. Cliche by todays standards I suppose but it appeals to me. Very bloody.

Rush hour 3 – – – Watch? : D’na ask

LAME, because it seems it ends without going anywhere and half the jokes are either not funny or just rip offs of the other movies (weren’t lee and carter in a sewer on the run last movie?, Mi and Yu jokes drove me crazy). Out-takes also were not as good as usual.

Smoking aces – – – Watch? : Worthwhile

A bit “raw” (ie lewd) for my taste but worth watching, liked the finale, not sure if it was because i just liked the music though :p. Bloody tasteless but fun(ny sometimes) action movie

Star Trek (2009) – – – Watch? : 4sure

I was surprised at how much I liked this movie, I expected it to be a completely daft remake but it just had too much character to not like. It is quite a lighthearted take on Star Trek and there is a ridiculous amount of lens flare effects makes this a no no for people looking for something more serious (or if your epileptic I would avoid this movie).

Sweeny Todd : The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (international cut) – – – Watch? : 4sure (conditional)

Bloody (and) interesting. Well executed and captivating but sickening (definately in bad taste). Grudgingly I approve of the film if you can stomach it (not only the blood but the circumstances). Apparently the American cut is less bloody than the international cut. That being one of the reasons I ordered the American dvd.

Unforgiven – – – Watch? : MustC

My favorite western bar none, the acting and characterizations are exceptional and the premise is chillingly understatedly simple and powerful. The pacing seems slow at first but it builds very well to the conclusion.

Movies that suck and are not worth a review – – – Watch? : D’na ask

Ultraviolet : Terrible, absolute garbage; devoid of plot, substance or taste. The sets and environments look for lack of a better term are supremely stupid on an epic scale.

Deathrace : Mindless meaningless brain degrading violence.

Saw series : Mindless meaningless brain degrading tosh, it is not “interesting” or “artistic” it is just stupidly sadistic and full of holes, and the “survivor” didn’t have to hurt herself she had to inflict injury to excape her predicament! Lame cop out.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua : Family movie, sux… beyond words.


Ghajini – – – Watch? : Maybe

Not a family movie, based on the movie “Memento”, too much going on and excessively violent but quite engaging, but you could have made 3 movies with what they crammed in and still had some content leftover, ultimately detracting from the main content.

Kabhi Alvida naa kehna – – – Watch? : Maybe

I found this movie wrong on so many levels, 1st I haven’t watched a hindi movie for so long and they should be wearing more clothes honestly, and I don’t like the way it was played out , but the last 20 or so minutes made the movie worth watching (that and the comedy sprinkled through out). Don’t particularly like the movie though I really like the song Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna (means never say goodbye), the movies message didn’t make sense on so many levels because of the way things played out, the story plays out over 7 years and the movie is way too long. But I like the song in the end ๐Ÿ˜› .

Laila Majnu – – – Watch? : Worthwhile (or mustC if you’re into tragic romance)

Laila Majnu (english subs), I was told it’s not accurately subtitled and so not as blasphemous as the subtitles made it seem so I will go by the general spirit of the movie. ITS SAD TRAGIC AND LOVEY DOVEY. Its really about how much could someone endure for their love and how true to their love their willing to be I suppose, it’s not a happy movie but it is romantic tragically romantic if thats your kind of thing. Something that happened in the movie I wish I could do is take on somebody else’s pain but I suppose my faith isn’t strong enough or maybe then I could. Oh yeah the story though Indian is inspired by the poet Qays ibn al-Mulawwah (wikipedia spelling ๐Ÿ˜› ) from Bani Aamir ู‚ูŠุณ ุจู† ุงู„ู…ู„ูˆู‘ุญ ุงู„ุนุงู…ุฑูŠ though it is fictional, thats why they dress a certain way and they are Muslim in the movie.

Slumdog Millionare – – – Watch? : 4sure

Not really a Hindi movie, very Hollywood but a good movie, I find it surprising that people find the content surprising especially considering how peoples brand of “tourism” enables very unethical and unpalatable activity, but a good love story at the end.


OK a some show summaries, my preferred podcatcher/podcast viewer is iTunes

DLTV General tech show with tips, reviews, questions, news and some special segments. Has a folding@home team.

Tekzilla General tech show with tips, reviews, questions, news and some special segments, more question oriented than dltv, has some daily tips which might be usefull for beginners. Ammusing.

Geekbrief.tv Short and frequent light hearted tech news show.

Screencasts online Mac software tutorials published weekly, usefull for product reviews and an especially good guide for begginers to OS X.

Macbreak Mac centric show with guides and product reviews.

Ask A Ninja Isn’t it obvious? a ninja answers user submitted questions in ways only a ninja could (understand or misunderstand), I think he is a guy on drugs actually.

UND Aerocast Aviation training videos.

Systm Do it your self geek and tech centric project show.


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