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MY Hardware n Toys

Macbook white 09 nVidia gfx Feb 2009 @ 999$ (+100$ for a drive upgradeand +30$ 3acp skin)
2ghz,4gb (upgraded from 2gb, taken from the mbpro), superdrive, 500gb scorpio blue HDD (Upgraded from 120gb). Got this machine since my MbPro needed month long repairs (logic board replaced) and I just couldn’t wait, besides I was tired of dragging that thing around, needed something a bit smaller. Faster than my MbPro overall, lost a bit of graphical performance (not much though, especially considering screen size), screen and FireWire800 (still had the 400, which I can’t live without at the moment 😛 ). Cannibalised 4gb of ram (which I wouldn’t be able to do for the new unibodies since they use ddr3) from MbPro (took it back to 2gb) and replaced Hdd (500gb scorpio) as soon as I got it 😛 , now it IS fantastic, fast, light(er than MbPro), really good battery life (4-5hrs easily). All for half the price. Oh and it is just as fast (actually now it is much faster) than the 2ghz unibody, all I lose is multi-touch (which I can easily live without, I have a mouse 😛 ). I rock 😀 .

Macbook pro Penryn Apr 2008 (mothers from Sep 07) @ 2000$
2.2ghz,2gb (upgraded to 4 then taken back to 2, macbook got the memory 😛 ), superdrive, 120gb HDD (Upgraded to 320gb then back to 120gb since not my main machine any more). Think I’m going to use this for batch processing videos.

Kingston 2 x 2 GB 667 MHz so dimm ddr2 ram Apr 2008 @110$
4GB, first in MbPro, now in Mb nVd (will replace one with a 4gb stick eventually, YAY)

Porsche Lacie External ODD Aug 2004 @ 150$
USB2 Single layer dvd writer, usefull considering my macbook is the second computer i bought myself which i chose a combo drive for since i rarely burn dvds and has been a lifesaver overtime, also use it to play dvds since macbooks drive is rpc2 so even vlc cant play any region dvd. Due to be replaced by a firewire or usb bus powerd model. Given to sisters (no rpc2, easier dvd playback).

Porsche Lacie Slim External ODD May 2007 @ 150$
Firewire bus powered dual layer lightscribe dvd burner, came with toast too. Less robust but more convenient than a full size drive (unless you don’t have firewire 😦 ).

Sam Hetch Lacie Slim External ODD May 2007 @ 85$
USB bus powered dual layer lightscribe dvd burner, Less robust but more convenient than a full size drive, got it as a backup to the FireWire slim dvd and so that it can work with USB bound computers (like my mother mcAir). Works fine.

Addlogix FireXpress Dual Aluminum Combo Enclosure Dec 2008 @ 130$
Dual 3.5″ SATA drive enclosure with FireWire 2x 800,1x 400 and USB, couldn’t get a hold of the version with eSata unfortuanately (in case of future use). Dual backup, got paranoid after they moved my desk (supervised by my father and bro) and dropped a drive damaging the data (drive still works), recovery was painful (had some old backups to help), and no one confessed to the crime. Not RAID mirroring, hardware RAID mirroring not supported and software RAID is buggy and a pain, rebuilds are too long hardware RAID or otherwise, synchronized backups much easier (I do it manually but there is software out there to make your life easier).

3 OWC drive cases + generic sata/pata 2.5″ cases May 2007 @ 350$
– 5 hdd cases, one generic 2.5 pata to usb, one generic 2.5 sata to usb. 3 cases from OWC, Mercury Elite pro ALMercury Elite pro AL IDE case with fw400/800 & USB, OWC Mercury Elite-AL “Quad Interface SATA case with fw400/800, USB & eSata, Mercury On-The-Go 2.5″ sata with USB & fw400/800.

Several HDDs

Maxtor 250GB 3.5″ 72k Aug 2004 @ 190$ (extracted from commercial Porsche case),

x3 1TB WD GP HDD Dec 2008 @ 870$
1 in OWC case, 2 in Addlogix case.

WD Scorpio blue 500GB 54k Feb 2009 @ 100$ For me macbook nVd, 120 gb stock just wasn’t enough. Fantastic value and good performance to boot, also no hit on battery life or thermals (which is why I don’t go for 7200rpm by the way, that and the price premium), gotta love it.

WD Scorpio 320GB 5400RPM Aug 2008 @ 110$ For me macbook pro, 120 gb stock just wasn’t enough. Slight hit on battery life under certain conditions, good performer (not spectacular) but took a slight hit on battery life, now in an external case, planning on putting it in sisters Mini or bros Mbk 1.83c2d.

several others not worth mentioning for now.

Canon MP780 Mar 2006 @ 370$
Pricey but excellent quality should last 5 years to a decade, ADF, duplex cd printing etc…

Samsung syncmaster 940BW lcd Feb 2007 @ 220$
widescreen 19″, i like it.

Samsung 40″ LCD TV 2007 @ ?
A gift of sorts wall mounted

Samsung upscaling DVD player 2007 @ ?
HDMI rules,I don’t really care about upscaling (colours are better though)

Logitech V270 BT mouse Mar 2006 @ 75$?
Good BT travel mouse even comes with a case and off switch

Altec lancing xt1 usb speakers Dec 2006 @ 100$

Elgato Turbo 264 Feb 2007 @ 90$
Really nice for my psp video encoding, hopefully future versions will support higher PSP resolution output (march09 sees release of HD version, on the fence about buying it, will wait a few months for a review)

PS2 Slim Nov? 2006 @ 200$
I don’t know why I just had he urge to buy it

Ps2 logitech cordless action controller with psx2usb adaptor May 2006 @75$?

PSP Slim Nov 2007 @ 220$
Got it mainly to play FFT against my bro, use it with the component cable to put up spongebob for my sis

Wacom Bamboo small tablet Dec 2007 @ 70$
Cute little, a bit small (around A6 drawing area), my bro has a HUGE one (a bit more than A4 drawing are).

Future + value

Nothing for now. Over 3000$ in add ons and accesories, good accessories are expensive, plan for them to last at least 3/5 years even in case of upgrading the computer, hopefully longer like a decade or something. Consider I didn’t list prices for everything. Buying well and buying less and thinking long term is effectively good for the environment so do it where you can (I’m not good at the buying less thing since I have a few computers to maintain). Most of what I baught has been used for or I plan to use in several machines. Unfortunately I could me a bit more careful with my stuff, likely wouldn’t have bought 09nVd Macbook if I had;nt destroyed my original one, though I am very very very happy with this one I have to say, I would at least be able to sell the old one or give it to someone. My mother is no better though (dropped her McAir, bought a new one because she can’t really carry anything heavy and she needed a computer while the original one was being repaired).

Replaced/ kaput

Macbook 1.83 core duo Jun 2006 @ 1100$ Combo drive, 512mb ram,60gb 1.25gb, 160gb Out of commission read Tea showered macbook!!!

Hitachi 160gb 5.4krpm hdd september 2006 @ 230$ DIED (due to abuse?) no warrantey locally.

Replaced with equivelant WD drive (160gb 5.4krpm) June 2007 @ 100$ due induced Hitachi drive failure and no local warranty coverage. Given to bro for his macbook.

Coolmax External HD case Apr 2006 @ 70$ coolmax cd-311 my favorite hdd case because it accepts sata and ide drives (including laptop drives, laptop ide needs a cheap adaptor) and outputs USB2 fw400 and sata (sata only if the hdd is sata not ide) and costs about 70$ or less. Its pretty cool. I operate it with the top cover off. OWC have sata to esata cables.(went kaput obviously no longer my favorite).

Porsche Lacie External HDD Aug 2004 @ 190$ USB2 250gb 7.2krpm my main backup drive, good value even for today, had a 2.5″ hdd bus powered drive as well but gave it to my father (I technically stole his laptops hdd in the first place so it was fair).Will be replaced once i get a big hdd for my external case (though im not in a hurry) and will be used to archive playstation and ps2 games (many psone games) and maybe my ild macworld cds before i frame them and maybe my 10 favourite dvds or something (it does have enough space) Given case to bro going to uni with 80gb maxtor, gutted original drive in external OWC enclosure now.

Techworks 1gb so dimm ddr2 ram Aug 2006 @ 110$ second stick in 2007 @ 100$ Given to bro for his macbook.

Samsung syncmaster 713m lcd Aug 2006 replaced feb 2007(given to sisters for mac mini)

Household Toys

MSX 1990s @ ???
Still works perfectly, except for the joystick, no longer in service due emulation.

Sega Genesis/Mega Drive 1990s @ ???
Still works i think, no longer in service due remakes of sonic games.

PsOne NTSC 2001 @ ???
Have owned three @ least (keep having accidents) all modd region free, no longer in service due ps2 and emulation. Have a huge catalog of games for it.

PS2 Full Size NTSC 2001 @???
Modd region free, 2 owned at least one (others broke), date shown is for original one

Sega Dreamcast Jul 2002 @ ???
Was locally cheap at the time 2 owned (one broke), bought by parents as a gift for a bro who is a major sonic fan, no longer in service due to GameCube remakes (played on Wii)

Wii NTSC Jul 2007 @ 300$
Holiday gift for bros and sis’, good fun.

Xbox 360 Nov 2007 @ 200£
Bro bought at uni, home only when he is

PS3 80gb NTSC Feb 2008 @ 500$
Birthday present for my bro

Previously owened Nes/Famicom, Apple Mac LCII, Power Computing PPC Power Tower 210,

Software I might not list iLife and some other built in software OK
By no means a complete list.


Vlc, QT pro, ffmpegx, flip4mac wmv, displayeater, mpeg streamclip, berlios x264 codec, Perian (on and off, uninstall when I don’t need it), Handbrake.


iTunes, Audacity, Audiohijack.


FLickr uploader, Graphics converter, Pixelmator, Adobe Photoshop Elements, DoubleTake.


Neooffice, TacoHTML, Comiclife, Textedit, Tex-Edit Plus, iWork, Automator.



Wesnoth (turn based strategy free and fun), Unreal tournament 2k4, Pac the Man X (again free), Pogo sticker (again free), Armagetron (free), Dome wars (free), Quinn (free).

via emulation

(games owned by me or direct relations):-Old mac games via basilisk 2: flashback, lemmings, prince of persia 1&2, simtower, simcity, Tesserae, The Incredible Machine 3, Castles – Siege and Conquest.

-via snes9x snes games: Mostly mario, tiny toons

-via PCSX and flarestorm playstation games: FF7, Castlevania, wipout and metal slug x mostly though i MANY more games.

-via nestopia nes games: Hudson’s Adventure Island, Ice Climber.-via fmsx msx games: the Castle, salamander, Butamaru Pants, bomber man, Arkanoid, pac-man.-via generator sega games: Street fighters and mortal kombats.

On Consoles

PS2 Devil may cry 3, FFX, Onimusha 1 and 3, NFS most wanted. WII RE4, super paper mario. 360 GH3.


Frostwire, Internet explorer (i have to), Opera web browser, Safari, Adium X, Firefox, Skype, AIM.

Bits n Bobs

Remote buddy, Virtuedesktops, Temperature Monitor, Disk Inventory X, USB Overdrive X, DS_Store Cleaner, iPartition, iDefrag, Mactracker, SuperDuper, TheUnarchiver.


In addition to whats in the game section just parallels desktop & basilisk 2.