20080531 – DOF post 1

20080528 – Diary of a fatman announced

20080525 – Bahrain, the purpose of me (mostly feeling sorry for myself :p)

20080519 – Bored in Colombo, WiW update

20080515 – ME update

20080509 – State of ME (me mac everything)

20080323 – About the adventures of my tea drinking macbook

20080306 – Mcair analysis and setup details updated.

20080217 – Apples macbook air analysis.

20080215 – WiW update.

20080207 – WiW section posted.

20080116 – The fundamentals and basis of faith, my take on faith.

20071110 – Macbook SR benchmarks.

20071106 – Leopard is Here, so are the new Macbooks, preliminary analysis.

20071002 – iPhone price cut litigation, Justin Timberlake bringing sexy back theory.

20070926 – Garga’oon.

20070922 – New macbooks with leopard predictions and hopes.

20070915 – Ramadan Kareem.

15aug2007 – Added Wii article.

17nov2006 – Provided emails and dedicated a blog post to a friend (silly person).

12aug2006 – Added recycle reuse page, soon to come a “my setup” page listing some hardware and software i use and my upgrade path and info on some other houshold electronics we have at home and maybe some buying/use advice (like to not use the autoadjust on the syncmaster 713), also the podcasts i follow.

10aug2006 – mac pro leminary benchmarks

06aug06 – Posted analysis of HD taken with the presence of vcd and the world outside the USA and west Europe put into reckoning.

28jul06 – no updates in 6 months, migrating to wordpress, ditching html, this is much quicker and nicer

06may06 – Wow ive not done anything for the website in a long time im now on the barber shop waiting on my bros. Website still not on any search engines or links from anyone, was hoping for barefeats to give me their blessing 1st but it doesnt look like its going to happen, going to add some articles then request systemshootouts and laptop logic to feature my site, and for thg to feature one of my upcoming articles have to get some studying and exercise done first though. Will supply an email when I next update, aiming to have my website active by the end of the month and will decide on a workcycle (ie how often i work onthe website and update)

23jan06 – Website n yahoo tools working fine now, articles on blu ray and ps3 in misc section; intel mac analysis in mac section.

6jan06 – For know i have decided to keep the website pure html