I decided to write about some games that I play/ have played and books i’ve read.I also put my rating, I think people should follow the ESRB for computer games or local rating system for most games in most cases for most people, put in mind games are not just for kids please; and it’s not you’re place to make excuses for people to play games they shouldn’t or let them especially when you’re not the parent or equivalent (like my brother who would let a 5 year old child play a game where they disembowels their in game wife and child by mistake apparently so it’s all okay, bloody lunatic đŸ˜› ). What they play is a great resource for age appropriate gaming especially if you’re looking to deviate from ESRB (which I don’t recommend to most people), read the site review, many times user reviews are posted by kids and are pretty much useless hence also ignore the user age rating. My play and read rating is on a similar scale of my watch rating (in the WiW section) from best to worst is; Must, 4sure ,worthwhile , maybe , pass & d’na ask. I will also



PSP Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles – – – Play? : Must

2 reasons to buy this game, either you want to play the main game ( Rondo of blood ; which is by no means bad by the way) OR you want to play Symphony of the Night (or SoTN WHICH IS A CLASSIC, and why I bought the game). I rate the Main game as worthwhile but SoTN is a MUST . It is just such a great (and fairly long) game. Be warned that Rondo of Blood is a bit old fashioned, the graphics are updated and done very nicely but the game is HARD and feels quite slow compared to most modern games and takes a bit more patience. Overall a fantastic package, my one complaint is SoTN is not widescreen, it is letterboxed. You can go anywhere from just 20 to easily over 40 hours with this game depending on how much you want to complete (60 hours is fair but in reality SoTN can just go on forever, seriously).

PSP Crisis Core: FF7 – – – Play? : Must

Action RPG. Great game. I just finished it about a month ago and it rocked. It went on much longer than expected and you have to be glad for that. Offcoarse the ending is no secret since this is a prequel, it still leaves a deep impact because of the way it was built up, it was very well done. First the graphics are really good, the FMVs are really cool (but cutscenes are mostly not skippable I’m afraid), voice acting is good and the gameplay is very engaging and the game flows quite well. The game is a bit too dramatic but some of it is for comic affect and by the end the characters really grow on you (even the originally annoying ones in most cases); there are also some nice touches throughout the game (and some annoying ones). The thing I find annoying at times is some things seem forced into the game just to relate to and reference the original FF7 (opening act case and point), many cameos as well and there has been some retconning (see here for meaning). The soundtrack (Amazon link) is fantastic, noteworthy are “The Price of Freedom” and “Fulfilled Desire” the latter of which is a medley of a few FF7 themes and songs.

Would of been sooooooooooooo great if at the end SURPRISE you unlocked the original FF7, too bad that did not happen (one can hope can’t they?), would of bought it just for that (as I’m sure many other people would), just wishful thinking. I bought Castlevania rondo of blood just to play SotN.

Long game, can surpass 40 hours easily, maybe 30 if you’re REALLY fast. BUY.

PSP Final Fantasy Tactics : The War of the Lions – – – Play? : 4sure

Tactical RPG. One of the defining games in the genre. Epic well done story, challanging fun and LONG, I think you can get over 60 hours of play out of this game quite easily (don’t remember off the top of my head, you can stretch it quite a bit though), if you try to rush through you can surely do it quite a bit faster but then I feel the depth of the gameplay gets lost. Slowdown issues while casting spells (VERY ANNOYING) but the game is worth the suffering, some new classes added and now you can go head to head OR team up with someone on another PSP (you both have to have copies of the game from the SAME region so be forewarned). Would be a must if it were not for the slowdown issues and the fact that it is a re-release of an old game (quite late in the psp’s life too).

PSP God of War : Chains of Olympus – – – Play? : 4sure

Hack and Slash at its finest. For late teens only please, wantonly destructive and a bit explicit at one point. Quite short at less than 10 hours to finish but very satisfying and intense at the same time, recommended to any fans of the genre. Some unlockables and different modes of play to extend play time.

PSP Wipeout PULSE – – – Play? : worthwhile

Futuristic Racer. One of my favourite series, really fast paced and frantic racing in futuristic crafts WITH WEAPONS (makes the game so much more fun). I mark it down a bit even though it deserves a better score because it is quite hard (and vertigo inducing :P) and won’t appeal to many people because of that, that is why I marked it down. Gamesharing works and you only need one copy of the game (major improvement over Wipout PURE).


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