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Let it be known that this websites brainstorm date is 11/7/2k5 10:52 GMT Testing 1 , 2 , 3 . . . .I decided to go from website to wordpress blog 28/7/2k6

A message to everyone, some things about life. Some things i believe in.

-Knowing does not mean you understand, undersanding does not mean you know.

-Dont do what is easy, do what is right

-Good people can do bad things, bad people can do good things. You cant always use whats on the “inside” as repentance for contradictory intent or actions, or to exempt you from judgement and truth.

-Remember yours is not the only point of view.

-Honesty frees you , or is good for your soul or something like that

-Guilt is a form of regret, usually from a mistake. To say you have no regrets means you think you make no mistakes and you feel your always right . There is no shame in regret, just because you regret something does not mean you have to actively dwell on it.

Please use the bar on the left to navigate through the website. Tanks. Originally this site was meant to be written in pure html, but due to lack of skill and time i decided to move it to wordpress after watching a screencast online podcast. Tested and working under safari and opera, not working under MSIE for mac.

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Why wordpress?
Cause its good, im lazy and some themes do support SOME html. I make my posts offline in Taco HTML the copy paste into wordpress as html modifying as I see fit. This way I can work on my files while I’m offline.

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