Who has time for this CRAP

In a way its funny, people always think they are better than me and treat me like a burden, I wait on the criticism questions and speculation, I wait and see what a person is at their core, I don’t tell them how much my next 2 years are going to get messed up because they “feel” like doing something besides what they should. Forget that I am making concessions and lowering my standards to see the good in them, and they fail miserably by your own standards. Apparently giving someone the benefit of the doubt and thinking of them as slightly underconfident rather than arrogant, hard headed spoilt underachievers is unreasonable. I am not even worth considering. OUCH. I should have said how disappointing she was to begin with, and not worth the effort of giving the benefit of the doubt, they think I have fucking Alzheimer’s and can’t remember the things I have asked and the things they said (there is some lying going on somewhere here). Some people are too stupid to realise they are not perfect, I am just eiting the angry phase now so I am a bit harsh, but I know I am not half as bad as she thinks and she is not half as great as she thinks she is, its exhausting restraining what you say for so long and still afterwards deciding I shouldn’t be mean, she’s not a bad person, just self absorbed, high strung, and schizophrenic, such a shame, she doesn’t listen so why bother? She is just that much better than me. I am sad but seriously who has time for this crap, I am tired, I deserve better شهل مصخره؟.


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