DoF 103 The return

About DOF DOF is back, this is the first posting in the last year and a half, DOF entry number 103, I find I need to keep track of my workouts to keep motivated and I have been lacking progress in the last year, so here is hoping for a kickstart.I have been continuing with my Yoshinkan Aikido practice. All measurements before this entry are about half an inch over it seems 😥 , tape measure lied to me. I will be posting every 2 weeks to a month rather than every week as I did previously. I hope to keep this up for another year. I plan to start blogging again because it will stop me looking things up over and over or wasting time scouring forums, even if I only draft posts at least I rememeber stuff better, also I will drop the big big tags and use actual font sizes for my HTML tags, consider this an Islamic new years resolution. Anyway I need the writting practice, Casshern Sins doesn’t suck. Eid Mubarak

Week ending Stats  : ≈35″ 86kgs.

Pic of the week  : Lets just see if anything ever comes of this.


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