Diary of a fatman: DOF 81

Been over a month since my last update, been working my way back up after Ramadan just not posting, not keeping track of stats (lost tape measure and bonkers scale) but don’t see any change, regimen under constant interruption as well (usually I note my workouts on my calendar too but have not done that this last month), well nothing new, just about back to form (basically a I wasted 2 months 😦 ). As usual all calorie burn as per machine display unless I say otherwise (without age or weight).

Sun 10/10/10

Mon 11/10/10

Tue 12/10/10

Wed 13/10/10

Thu 14/10/10 400 cals after 34 minutes on bike (190 watts).

Fri 15/10/10

Sat 16/10/10 360 cals after 41 minutes on treadmill (4.5km @ 6% gradient), benchpress, curls, squats, crunches.

Weekly summary :For reference 28kg (bar + 20kg) 3 sets x4 curls, x4 reverse curls & x12 bench press. Crunches x50, leg raises x25, twisting crunch x30 per side, squats 3×13. Basically the last 3 months no progress, depressing, my weight has gone up, leaving old stats up need to double check.

Week ending Stats : 36″ 89kgs (next weeks should be more accurate).

Pic of the week : Yay To Aru Majutsu no Index II started airing, I have not been following anime since FMA Brotherhood.


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