Diary of a fatman: DOF 79

Well I am back (not that anyone reads this anyway). As usual all calorie burn as per machine display unless I say otherwise (without age or weight). Well Ramadan starting so I will ease up on the workouts a bit.

Sun 08/08/10 360 cals after 41 minutes on treadmill (4.5km @ 6% gradient). Feeling a bit off so no weights.

Mon 09/08/10 Definately sick

Tue 10/08/10 Not home. Fasting staring tommorow.

Wed 11/08/10 Ramadan Kareem.

Thu 12/08/10 300 cals after 27 minutes on bike (180 watts). A bit sick and was fasting, gimme a break.

Fri 13/08/10

Sat 14/08/10 240 cals after 27 minutes on treadmill (3km @ 6% gradient), benchpress, curls, squats, crunches.

Weekly summary :For reference 28kg (bar + 20kg) 2 sets x5 curls, x4 reverse curls & x13 bench press. Crunches x60, leg raises x25, twisting crunch x30 per side, squats 2×13. Well didn’t manage to get back to form before Ramadan, will ease my way back to full workouts (if I have time, Ramadan is quite busy) but do at least 2/3 or 3/4 of my non Ramadan workouts.

Week ending Stats : 36″ 90/89kgs. Mabrook Alaikum Al Shahr, Ramadan Kareem.

Pic of the week : Reposting old Ramadan pic, 🙂 lazy.


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