Diary of a fatman: DOF 78

Well I am back (not that anyone reads this anyway). As usual all calorie burn as per machine display unless I say otherwise (without age or weight). UPDATE Whoops wrong dates, fixed.

Sun 01/08/10 400 cals after 34 minutes on bike (190 watts), benchpress, curls, squats, crunches.

Mon 02/08/10 Not home

Tue 03/08/10 Not home, lots of walking instead

Wed 04/08/10 360 cals after 41 minutes on treadmill (4.5km @ 6% gradient).

Thu 05/08/10

Fri 06/08/10 400 cals after 34 minutes on bike (190 watts), benchpress, curls, squats, crunches. SOO TIRED

Sat 07/08/10

Weekly summary :For reference 28kg (bar + 20kg) 3 sets x5 curls, x4 reverse curls & x12 bench press. Crunches x60, leg raises x25, twisting crunch x30 per side, squats 3×12. Almost back to form before leave, time is against me Ramadan is coming.

Week ending Stats : 36″ 90/89kgs (I think I have to double check that). Progress yay.

Pic of the week : g2g maybe later.


2 thoughts on “Diary of a fatman: DOF 78

  1. Hah, there’s nothing that gets people interested in a blog more than writing “no one reads this anyway”.

    I literally started going to the gym this week. And I’ve found it good fun, surprisingly. Well done for getting 400 cals in 34 mins on the bike. You must be going at some pace. I can’t get more than 100 cals per 10 mins at the moment.

    Keep it up buddy

  2. Wow a comment, 😛 thanks, you know I have been at it for awhile (and started really unfit), all machines are a bit different anyway, I just keep track to make sure I make progress (that’s why I don’t bother with age or weight either). Thanks for he comment, I hope your gym going goes well.

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