Diary of a fatman: DOF 77

Well I am back (not that anyone reads this anyway). As usual all calorie burn as per machine display unless I say otherwise (without age or weight).

Sun 25/07/10 Too much work.

Mon 26/07/10 Too little family too much father.

Tue 27/07/10 400 cals after 34 minutes on bike (190 watts), benchpress, curls, squats, crunches.

Wed 28/07/10 360 cals after 41 minutes on treadmill (4.5km @ 6% gradient).

Thu 29/07/10 Won’t have a chance.

Fri 30/07/10 Won’t have a chance.

Sat 31/07/10 Won’t have a chance.

Weekly summary :For reference 28kg (bar + 20kg) 3 sets x5 curls, x3 reverse curls & x10 bench press. Crunches x60, leg raises x00, twisting crunch x30 per side, squats 3×10. Gone a bit downhill. Was suppossed to start exercise on the 24th, 25th off, on 26th off 27th then on the 28th should of been back up to form. BUT life (in this case my father twice and work) intervened.

Week ending Stats : 37″ 91/90kgs. My heart is getting under control, oh gotten too skinny but still too cute. Anyway my (workout) plans are ruined but my fitness didn’t deteriorate as badly as I feared, and my weight didn’t go up, It would be great If I had gotten fitter and lost weight though 🙂 . Well I hope I manage Ramadan with good grace, this year is going to be tough (well it has been so far). Posting early since I won’t have time to exercise the rest of the week anyway.

Pic of the week : The final bar scene in Unforgiven is awesome. Plan to do a bit of an update to the WiW section (well actually there is much to update througout the site).


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