Quentin Tarantino movies suck

I think Tarantino deserves to be regarded with the same contempt as Uwe Boll. I have watched Pulp Fiction, a good chunk of Kill Bill part 1 and Inglorious Bastards. So I think consider Kill Bill unsalvageable garbage, Inglorious Bastards as misdirected and Pulp Fiction as just not to my taste and not by any means worthy of the praise it receives. Kill Bill is just stupid; I was so looking forward to Inglorious Bastards but it was really disappointing, it was like it set itself up to be funny or amusing (and at times it actually was) but then couldn’t be bothered, It’s like someone said lets create a funny situation but lets not really bother with making it funny, and lets throw in some mindless gore and grossness instead (apparently people like that). Kill Bill is a dumb gorefest, Pulp Fiction is interesting but just a bit vulgar (and graphic and sick) but to me its still garbage because of that, its apparently the best way to glue the movie together, granted it is entertaining and amusing in its own right (and there are apparently many people this appeals to) but the movies are all overrated garbage (not sophisticated or mature, GARBAGE). Since I’m complaining about overrated movies UP sucks and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is GENIUS (and underrated). I guess I am just saying that I don’t understand why Tarantino is labeled a “genius” as opposed “entertaining twisted and stupid” and not terribly special. And I hate them.


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