Diary of a fatman: DOF 47 48

As usual all calorie burn as per machine display unless I say otherwise (without age or weight).

Sun 06/12/09 265 calories after 35 minutes treadmill

Mon 07/12/09 Just lots of walking (4 hour outing)

Tue 08/12/09 Don’t remember.

Wed 09/12/09 Birthday (means no).

Thu 10/12/09 nothing again

Fri 11/12/09 Short Corniche walk

Sat 12/12/09 Short Corniche Walk

Sun 13/12/09 Don’t remember

Mon 14/12/09 Don’t remember, think I did SOMETHING

Tue 15/12/09 Definitely not.

Wed 16/12/09 Ice skating, bruised my knee.

Thu 17/12/09 Lazy + Knee = no

Fri 19/12/09 Knee mostly better but leaving it for tomorrow. Paris so cold.

Sat 19/12/09 Just 20 min on treadmill, 150 cals.

Weekly summary : Baah, just not working much, I will get serious by January. Just feeling lazy (not enough work, no flights on this fleet 😦 )

Week ending Stats : I think I gained a bit 😦 too scared to check

Pic of the week : Blah


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