Diary of a fatman: DOF 42

As usual all calorie burn as per machine display unless I say otherwise (without age or weight).

Sun 25/10/09 Sore. Break

Mon 26/10/09 340 calories after 45 min on tread. abs, bench press, rcurl.

Tue 27/09/09 420 calories after 55 min on tread.

Wed 28/09/09 400 calories after 53 min on tread.

Thu 29/10/09 340 calories after 45 min on tread.

Fri 30/10/09 340 calories after 45 min on tread.

Sat 31/10/09 200 calories after 30 min on tread. (woke up late, could have done more).

Weekly summary : Total of 2040, 340 a workout. Not too great, unfortunately Thursday couldn’t do weights because of guests and Friday and Saturday there were no weight in the gym I was in 😦 . So next workout will do everything (abs squats weights). 2040 calories last couple of weeks which is what I was getting with the mixed machine workouts, not sure if I should go back to that, maybe at the start of next year, or next month depending on my progress.

Week ending Stats : 39″ 98kg, ok but I will check it again next week to make sure, need a new tape measure.

Pic of the week : Macheist, Macheist 3 was excellent value and Machesist Nano bundle is… FREE. So all I want is Hordes of Orcs but the Price is so right, click on the image to go to the site. Offer ends November 11th I think, please download to unlock the last program.


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