Diary of a fatman: DOF 34

DOF = Diary of a fatman. All calorie readouts as per machine display unless otherwise stated.

Sun 06/09/09 200 after 27 min on tread. Abs.

Mon 07/09/09 Legs sore, resting up a bit.

Tue 08/09/09 Tired.

Wed 09/09/09 200 after 27 min on tread. Abs.Bench.Squat

Thu 10/09/09 150 after 20 min on tread. Abs. Calf cramped.

Fri 11/09/09 300 after 42 min on tread. Abs. Exercise lessens pain but trying not to strain myself (was going for 400 but pain was worrying).

Sat 12/09/09 Resting up for next week.

Weekly summary : 1050 calories, 260 a workout (not a great week). Crunches 50×1 Crunches v2 50×1 Lying leg raise 1×30. Bench press 10×3@22kg (barbell+14). Manged only 4 workouts this week because my calf was injured and I had to sort out a computer for my bro too (he better study hard), did my minimum 4 workouts anyway. Days I forget to drink and eat properly end up tiring 😛 (after the second day or so).

Week ending Stats : Slight change (for the better) will list next week. Taraweeh 8 times this month and only once extra that I missed which but might of been able to make (taught sis instead). Stopped praying maghrib in mosque because my father delays too much, sad. Should be able to do the next six days, better than last year already but ufortunately very behind on my reading (work timings this year, managing to fast but not much reading) Maybe I manage in the end these next few days maybe ideal. My site needs some new content.

Pic of the week : Metroid Prime Trilogy Collectors edition. Because I still have not played it and can’t be bothered to picl another pic.


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