Diary of a fatman: DOF 33

DOF = Diary of a fatman. All calorie readouts as per machine display unless otherwise stated.

Sun 30/08/09 No for some reason (sure there was one).

Mon 31/08/09 400 after 54 min on tread. Bench Press, Squats, abs.

Tue 01/09/09 Time did not permit.

Wed 02/09/09 200 after 27 min on tread. Abs.

Thu 03/09/09 200 after 27 min on tread. Abs.

Fri 04/09/09 150 after 19 min on tread. Abs.

Sat 05/09/09 400 after 53 min on tread.

Weekly summary : 1350 calories, 270 a workout. Crunches 55×1 Crunches v2 50×1 Lying leg raise 1×30. Bench press 10×3@22kg (barbell+14), reverse curl 5×3@22kg (barbell+14), squats 15×2. For Ramadan I will do at least the benchpress and squats twice a week, at least the basic crunches on all days I can. Tiring between work, fasting, taraweeh and disproportionately dramatised happenings of an originally relatively trivial nature. Did my 5 workouts at least.

Week ending Stats :No change

Pic of the week : Metroid Prime Trilogy Collectors edition, the box and packaging is just sort of sexy (maybe post my own pics some other time).


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