Diary of a fatman: DOF 32

DOF = Diary of a fatman. All calorie readouts as per machine display unless otherwise stated.

Sun 23/08/09 150 after 20 min on tread, short on time.

Mon 24/08/09 No time, haircut, feel less manly, less hair on face and head 😦 .

Tue 25/08/09 210 after 30 min on tread.

Wed 26/08/09 400 after 54 min on tread, abs.

Thu 27/08/09 400 after 54 min on tread. Bench Press, Squats, abs.

Fri 28/08/09 Ankle hurt.

Sat 29/08/09 Ankle hurt.

Weekly summary : 1160 calories, 290 a workout. Crunches 55×1 Crunches v2 50×1 Lying leg raise 1×30. Bench press 10×3@22kg (barbell+14), reverse curl 5×3@22kg (barbell+14), squats 20×1. For Ramadan I will do at least the benchpress and squats twice a week, at least the basic crunches on all days I can. Tiring between workm taraweeh and getting spat on (dramatic week). Not eating enough and a bit tired. Agenda for treadmill is 400 calories when time permits or calories per time when restricted or very tired (try for 30 but not less than 20 min). Try for 5 but not less than 4 times a week.

Week ending Stats : Weight 98kg waist 40.5 “(just over 40). Between not eating much and work I managed to lose some weight and almost get back to 40”, I will assume 1kg is due to loss of muscle for now (arms weaker). Not too bad though. Managed my 4 workouts and might be on track to losing some weight, behind on my reading though.

Pic of the week :


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