Diary of a fatman: DOF 26

Just a quick Diary of A Fatman post. Treadmill 1hour @ 405 Cals four times this week totalling 1600. I will try to get back on schedulr this coming week. Waist 40.5″ weight just under 100kg (Yay finally 8 months behind schedule). Crunches 50×1 Crunches v2 40×1 Lying leg raise 1×20. Bench press 7×2@22kg (barbell+14), reverse curl 5×2@22kg (barbell+14), curl 7×2@22kg (barbell+14). 4 year anniversery since work, 3 years since fully qualified, how time flies, feel old :P. G2g work. Oh this is my 100th post too, lame 🙂 .


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