Diary of a fatman: DOF 24

DOF = Diary of a fatman. All calorie readouts as per machine display unless otherwise stated.

Sun 31/05/09 265 after 30 min on tread

Mon 01/06/09 390 after 30 min on rowing machine.

Tue 02/06/09 360 after 30 min on incline bike. Right leg hurts.

Wed 03/06/09 Rest day. Legs don’t work.

Thu 04/06/09 260 after 30 min on treadmill

Fri 05/06/09 400 after 30 min on rowing machine

Sat 06/06/09 365 after 30 min on incline bike.

Weekly summary : 2040 calories, 340 a workout. 60 calorie gain. Need to stop exceeding my calorie target, no target for next month, aim to stay the same. Crunches 50×1 Crunches v2 30×1 Lying leg raise 1×10. Bench press 12×2@18kg (barbell+10), reverse curl 10×2@18kg (barbell+10), curl 11×2@18kg (barbell+10). Only two sets each because they are compound exercises complimenting each other, start at 8 reps and increase weight when I can do 15 reps for 2 sets, two to 3 times a week. Too much testosterone, need to calm down. Was apparently not eating enough (legs felt fine after a day of extra eating, could be coincidence though).

Week ending Stats : End of the month or before I go on holiday. My scale/body went crazy, need to make sure what’s up (lost weight too fast).

Pic of the week : Not in the mood. Want to put up something about e3 and natal, maybe then I will post some pics.


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