Elgato turbo 264 to PSP & PS3 guide

This guide is now put of date. Please go to the revised updated improved version. This guide is specifically meant to address the shortcomings of the original turbo 264 encoding for psp, if you have the Turbo 264 HD you likely don’t need this guide. If you want to skip all this intro and get to doing move down to the numbered sections. (UPDATE added info on 1.4 update post-processing not neccesary)


High quality video quality compatible with PSP, iPods & PS3 (probably 360 also but I have not checked). Go to the conclusion for info on some limitations and technical info.

What you need:

-Elgato turbo 264 (hardware)

-Turbo 264 (software, I’m using v1.3 UPDATE v1.4 lets you skip the postprocessing)

-Quicktime PRO or MPEG Streamclip for post-processing (you will use these programs to re-save files to make them properly compatible with the PSP)

-Video to encode (offcoarse)

-A compatible Mac (for the turbo 264 obviously since it is a mac only product, so G4,G5 or intel CPU, 512mb ram, usb 2.0 port, OS X 10.5/.4, iTunes and Quicktime)

-PSP with software v3.3 or later (for video resolution support)

Also recommended but not part of the guide

-Perian (set of plugins for quicktime which will help the turbo 264 with some video formats)

-WMVplayer PRO @ 30ish $ (plugins for quicktime which will help the turbo 264 with unprotected wmv video formats)

-VLC (plays most video files, a good workaround for some video files that might not work otherwise, re-encode with VLC then encode in turbo 264, video is a pain to work with I tell ya)

This is a list of profiles we will be making. The turbo 264 works with profiles, we are going to create our own 3 (or 5) custom profiles to get what we want out of our device, I will list them with notes before we go through how to make them, also a note on audio I only use 80kbps in all profiles but you can go up to 128kbps if you want:

PSP LQ: Low Quality Elgatos psp default slightly modified, 400 kbps video, no post-processing required, don’t bother increasing the bit rate, 400 mostly works best for this size. aprox 200mb/hour. A lot of image softening and blockiness (actually more like muddiness).

PSP MQ: Mid Quality iPod profile modified to work with PSP, 500/600 kbps video, needs post-processing on v1.3 or older, if you want higher quality don’t bother increasing the bit rate past 600, move to the HQ profile. aprox 250 to 300mb/hour. Some softening with a little blockiness.

PSP MQ 4:3 you will need a separate profile for non widescreen content/output (unless you don’t mind stretching your video).

PSP HQ: Hi Quality AppleTV profile modified to work with psp, average 800kbps video, needs post-processing on v1.3 or older, very good quality file, will vary bit rate to to maintain quality. aprox 420mb/hour. A little softening and will not cause any blockiness (really it won’t, bit rate varies accordingly).

PSP HQ 4:3 you will need a separate profile for non widescreen content/output (unless you don’t mind stretching your video)
Note: these are MY optimum settings which I have tested and work for me, if you don’t like them feel free to try your own.

01 Lets get cracking:

Okay first step is obviously for you to know that the turbo 264 is already properly set up and working on your computer (quite easy and beyond the scope of this write up).

Okay so start the turbo 264 app and drop a video in, you should then click on the format menu, and go to the bottom option “edit”. When the new window pops up you can use the plus symbol to create a new profile. You can just follow the diagram below (if the diagram is not clear please download and zoom in).

I will list the settings in case for some reason you can’t read the diagram.

PSP LQ: Profile=Sony PSP, Size=auto, Aspect=auto, Overscan=auto, Framerate=auto, Data rate=custom –> 400.

PSP MQ wide : Profile=iPod High, Size=custom –> 480×272, Aspect=auto, Overscan=auto, Framerate=auto, Data rate=custom –> 500.

PSP MQ 4by3 : Profile=iPod High, Size=custom –> 362×272, Aspect=auto, Overscan=auto, Framerate=auto, Data rate=custom –> 500.

PSP HQ wide : Profile=Apple TV, Size=custom –> 480×272, Aspect=auto, Overscan=auto, Framerate=auto, Data rate= set slider to Low.

PSP HQ 4by3 : Profile=Apple TV, Size=custom –> 362×272, Aspect=auto, Overscan=auto, Framerate=auto, Data rate= set slider to Low.

02 Post processing: UPDATE only required on Turbo 264 software v1.3 or older, v1.4 output no longer needs it.

The file you have created with MQ and HQ settings are still not ready to be viewed by your psp or ps3. You will need either QuickTime pro or MPEG streamclip. I will list both methods I know of, you can batch process a group of file with MPEG streamclip but that won’t be covered (for now). I won’t provide any pictures since it is quite straight forward.

QT pro: Open the file in quicktime From the menu bar (the top bar thingy) Go to “File”, select “Export”. A dialogue will pop up, next to “Export” choose “Movie to MPEG-4”, click on “Options”. Another pop up window, at the top next to “File Format” select “MP4”, go to the “Video” tab and next to “Video Format” choose “Pass through”, then go to the “Audio” tab and next to “Audio Format” choose “Pass through”. Click Ok. Now decide where you want to save your file and rename it if you want, click save. TADA. Next time you can just use most recent settings under export if you haven’t changed anything.
MPEG Streamclip: Open the file in MPEG Streamclip From the menu bar Go to “File” then select “Save as”, A dialogue will pop up, choose a name and a place for your file, choose “MP4” from the optional formats (bottom middle of the dialogue box, above and between “New folder” & “Cancel” 😛 ) , click save. TADA, yes that was a bit less painless.

Congratulations, your files are now ready for consumption by PSP, iPod and Ps3. There are no chapters, alternate audio tracks, selectable closed captions or any of that jazz, but you can’t have those things working across all platforms.

03 Other settings and some notes:

You can set overscan as you please, the video files won’t always come out at the exact specified dimensions but they still work. All widescreen content can be encoded at 480×272, the encoded file will play fine and will have its original aspect ratio. Audio quality can be turned up if you like, I have not tried the AC3 surround sound passthrough, if anyone does and it works let me know. The test clip I used recently was the opening and first episode from Fullmetal Alchemist the Brotherhood (lightning flames and lots of quick transitions), please watch your video on your tv to asses the quality, the PS3 does some good processing, or its the higher contrast and color gamut of the tv making things look better. I would have to recommend the HQ setting unless space is a concern. In some cases the softness of an LQ video might be better than the blockiness of an MQ video, you have to judge for yourself. Please calibrate your tv, it makes video look much better. The better your source the better your output.


So the turbo 264 is a wonderful piece of hardware that speeds up making videos for various devices, it has presets for iPod, Psp, iPhone & Apple Tv. I really like the 264, it has been really handy, I always use the PSP preset because it is the most versatile, I can use the video files on iPods the Ps3 and naturally on the Psp (offcoarse). But using the Psp preset you are limited to 320×240 or 320×180 in video size and 512kbps, which is okay, but only on the psps screen, and still you can do better. So I have finally figured it out, so, now I have shown you how to create three presets that should give you the optimum size vs quality depending on your needs. Video resolution will be brought up from 320×240 & 320×180 to 480×272 and 362×272, the PSP does support higher resolutions but this is a fairly optimum setting, and it might not seem like much but 480×272=130560 vs 320×180=57600 , so thats more than twice as many pixels for widescreen content for 4:3 content it is a bit less of an improvement @ 320×240=76800 to 362×272=98464, but I couldn’t find a good alternative (if you know one that works feel free to let me know, the psp is quite picky about video resolution though). If you want video only for your PS3 it should accept anything the turbo 264 can spit out (800×600 5mbps under appletv with AAC audio), just do the post-processing if running software v1.3 or older, I have only tested it up to 640 by 480 on the PS3 (the file did not work on the PSP FYI).


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  2. It doesn’t say anything about it connecting to the ps3 and recording footage off of it. Do foes it actually works with the ps3?

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