Diary of a fatman: DoF post 16

DOF = Diary of a fatman. All calorie readouts as per machine display unless otherwise stated. Double workouts this week since I missed one week, and I am punishing myself for not getting thinner, also for the fun of it (to see if I can ya3ni), and next week will go back to single workouts increasing intensity since I won’t be as tired (also part of the plan)

Sun 05/04/09 220 tread, 210 tread =430

Mon 06/04/09 270 bike, 210 tread =480

Tue 07/04/09 310 row, 200 tread =510

Wed 08/04/09 210 tread, 190 tread =400

Thu 09/04/09 275 bike, 215 tread =490

Fri 10/04/09 315 row , 275 bike =590

Sat 11/04/09 Rest day.

Weekly summary: 2900 calories, too bad just a hundred short of 3000, 240 per workout, lower average because most of the extra workouts mostly being on the treadmill. At least I reached the goal I set myself for no apparent reason (until I thought some up after I set the goal 😛 ).

Week ending Stats:104, 41.5, I’m very unhappy 😥 .


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