Diary of a fatman: DoF post 15

DOF = Diary of a fatman. All calorie readouts as per machine display unless otherwise stated. Aiming to exercise 6 times a week.

Sun 22/03/09 No, rest day 😛 .

Mon 23/03/09 Incline bicycle 270 Calroies after 30 min, annoying, means I have to work harder next time. I was tired so I started this week with the bike.

Tue 24/03/09 Rowing machine 310 calories, 30 min. Exhausting. Elbows, clicky.

Wed 25/03/09 Treadmill 210 calories, 30 min.

Thu 26/03/09 Rowing machine 315 calories, 30 min. Elbows hurt, keep clicking while exercising, strange.

Fri 27/03/09No, blame my bro. Double workout tommorow.

Sat 28/03/09Bike 280 calories, 30 min & Treadmill 215 calories, 30 min.

Weekly summary: 1600 calories this week 267 per workout. No weights or anything special this month, my knees and elbows really weren’t up to it, especially my right elbow, I think I was a bit careless with the weights last week, but feeling better now.

Week ending Stats: No no no no no no. Waiting until the end of the month.


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