Diary of a fatman: DoF post 14

DOF = Diary of a fatman. All calorie readouts as per machine display unless otherwise stated. Aiming to exercise 6 times a week.

Sun 15/03/09 No, rest day 😛 .

Mon 16/03/09 Tired. Bad start to the week. Out all day, stressful times. Nana is not well. Sis needs op.

Tue 17/03/09 Treadmill, 215 calories, 30 min. incline X kmph @ time, 6×5 @5min, 6×5.5 @20min, 7×2 @3min, 2min cooldown.

Workout no 2 220 calories 2nd workout today (punishment + my friend needed some company). Over an hour of mixed pace walking and a bit of light jogging. Only counting 230 calories because thats all I deserve.

Wed 18/03/09 Incline bicycle, 245 calories, 30 min.

Thu 19/03/09 Rowing machine, 300 calories, 30 min.

Fri 20/03/09 Treadmill, 220 calories, 30 min. 6 incline kmph @ time, 5@5min, 5.5@22min, 6.5@3min

Sat 21/03/09 Incline bicycle, 255 calories, 30 min. Overworked (actually 270 calories but I hurt my legs so I can’t set that as my target to beat 😛 ). Walked about 12km (lost & sightseeing in Stockholm, used google maps to crosscheck, only needed 6 to get to where I wanted and back 😦 , I had a compass and a map but didn’t use them 😛 , getting lost is fun sometimes, but tiring, and all I had was tea until I finally got back at 5pm). Couldn’t sleep, nightmares about sis, luckily op went fine Al Hamduli Allah

Weekly summary: Total of 1470 for 6 workouts, averaging 245 each. Lower average since rowing machine was only used once this week but overall I did much more work than I did last week (12km walk + 1hr workout I only gave myself 230 when it probably is closer to 350), also doing some weights after workouts (only curls and reverse curls, adding more this coming week). Stressful times, but then again aren’t they all? Ah well c’est la vie. No pic this week either, tired, sis can hear well now 😀 .

Week ending Stats Skipping this until the end of the month (probably the next DOF entry).


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