Diary of a fatman: DOF post 13

DOF = Diary of a fatman. All calorie readouts as per machine display unless otherwise stated. So trying to exercise mostly everyday. Starting to alternate between machines and doing some reverse curls at least. Slow start since I was sick for awhile but still some progress.

Sun 08/03/09 No, tired. Bad start to the week.

Mon 09/03/09 Treadmill, 200 calories, 30 min. 6 incline & 5.2 kmph for 17 min & 5.5 kmph for 10 min (rest warmup and cool down).

Tue 10/03/08 Incline bicycle, 230 calories, 30 min.

Wed 11/03/09 Rowing machine, 260 calories, 30 min.

Thu 12/03/09 Incline bicycle, 240 calories, 30 min.

Fri 13/03/09 Treadmill, 225 calories, 30 min. 6 incline, 10min @5.1 kmph, 15min @5.6 kmph, 3min @7kmph (rest warmup and cool down).

Sat 14/03/09 Rowing machine, 305 calories, 30 min. Broken into 7 then 23 minutes (had to stop for a few minutes) Terribly tired but still managed,

Weekly summary: Total of 1460 for 6 workouts, averaging 240 each.

Week ending Stats Skipping this until the end of the month.

Not feeling up to writing anything more, extremely sleepy and depressed, my sister hates me (or maybe she just notice my self loathing), try again to teach her ayat al kursi tommorrow or the day after, I smacked her and feel so guilty (I should say felt to be more precise). Nana and nanee are very sick (grandparents, well one is, making the other give up on life apparently, cute but so sad), might have to go see them soon, I hope they get better. Ah well life goes on.


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