Scrubs addiction

Ok I have a really big Scrubs addiction. I have watched all the episodes that my bro had (which is practically all the episodes season 1 to 7 which is about 148 episodes at around 22 minutes each which is approximately 50 hours minus a bit for some missed episodes). This is a direct result of being confined to my room due to being so sick. I hate hearing double, and echoing in my head (left ear trouble mostly). I hate (some) doctors, it’s like dude whats wrong, I say well my ear feels like it is about to explode and my voice is not usually this sexy, he laughed, didn’t tell me whats wrong (until I asked after he wrote a perscription) and decided I was ok to go to work, funny condsidering I stayed the next 3 days in my room because I couldn’t stand any noise and my ears were ringing. Doctors nowadays, get the nurse to check the patient, ask three questions, throw drugs at them and hope they don’t want to know whats up, fantastic (not).

Anyway since I was confined to my room and couldn’t stand noises I couldn’t control I watched Scrubs, and gained weight (since I was not exercising since I can’t stand the noise and was generally feeling aweful). I have also not shaven and skipped my haircut (which I need quite badly, I look scarey). Anyway I hate myself (and Ted).

Well enough to exercise again, did some walking yesterday. Anyway posting DOFs again by next Saturday. Still need to add things to the WiW.


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