What a Month

It has been a long and tiring month and it is not even over yet. I hate being sick, my head feels like it is going to explode. I have to call sick again. I think between the exercise (trying to do it everyday, failed 😦 ) and not sleeping (some nights literally not at all) I’ve exhausted myself and made myself sick, also I think someone at work made me sick. This really sucks. Anyway watched Mushishi, fantastic anime, can’t believe I didn’t watch it sooner. Mahou Shoujotai is just childish but quite stylish and entertaining I suppose. Anyway going to add them, Slumdog millionaire & Ghajni to the WiW section. My head feels like it is going to explode, my throat is going to burn up and my ears are going to pop. Just posting because I am so bored and naturally can’t sleep, have photos to organize but thats so dull, maybe should do that, I think god is punishing my mercurial behavior. Everything is boring when I feel like this, it’s like you want to sleep so badly and you wouldn’t ever want to wake up. Disgusting, Oh I have my new baby (laptop), happy with that at least, I can’t believe the battery is lasting me over 5 hours, thats just silly 😛 . I also want to kill my cousin because he won’t send me the pics to set up his business website, he is so annoying. OMG there are people who visit my site 😯 . A shocking development 😀 . Oh I have a “weight loss buddy” too (a curious development) thinking I should point him to the site and he can add his comments to the DOF entries.


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