DOF 12 Two weeks progress

Well yesterday I finished my two weeks of exercising everyday, today I took a break (and saw my father 😛 , didn’t see him the last 5 days, I was told he might ask how his beard looks, that would be awkward to answer 😛 ). Anyway results are disappointing, at most 1kg and 1/2 an inch off my waist. I’ll go back to exercising tomorrow, go for another two weeks and see, time to do some weights and rowing. Ah well typical of a person like me, I suck at everything unless I try hard, but I’m still quite lucky, I suppose that means I have no natural talent for anything 😦 how depressing, not just my brain but also my body is sluggish, how demoralizing. Sis driving me crazy, I forgot to get my hug too. I am, as I suspected, quite a disagreeable character.

DOF (Diary of a fatman)

2 weeks of 210 to 220 a day after 30 minutes on the treadmill (everyday 6 gradient @ 5.6 km as an average). 215×14= 3010. Progress is lacking and depressing, but hey, something better than nothing, need to start my diary again to vent my frustration and write hateful unhappy things. Conceivably better than posting stuff online for my own amusement, my spelling is getting bad. Overall the state of things is mildly depressing.


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