Most annoying thing ever

So you and someone decide to go for a drive for a couple of hours just to see where you end up, all of a sudden in the first 15 minutes your over a bridge and they throw you out the window into the sea. Then they do it again (unfortunately your bad at drowning). Couple of hours passed pretty quick aye? Maybe they didn’t want me to be sad with where the trip ended so they decided to throw me out early, maybe they couldn’t stand you, or planned it that way all along. Maybe you asked the wrong questions, maybe they couldn’t care less what you were asking or don’t think you deserved an answer. If your going to throw me out the window might as well tell me what I want to know on our way to the bridge sa7? Too much effort maybe.

I don’t know I’m probably stupid but it just doesn’t make sense to me. I’m sure there is something to add in to the equation. C’est la vie. Anyway people say I look like I lost weight, thats cool. Need to go see management about my vacation bid and a fleet transfer. Feel lazy.


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