Hindi movies, slumdog millionare & Ghajni

So I recently watched two hindi movies, which were both causing an insane amount of buzz, Ghajini and Slumdog Millionaire. Ghajini had enough story for 10 movies and I really liked the humor, but it was just overreacted and could’ve been better, the ending sucked as well. Besides it is a remake of a remake so it is by no means original. I did like some of the humor (especially the parts that didn’t mean to be but were, I’m silly that way).

Slumdog Millionaire isn’t a true hindi movie in a way (look it up yourself), it is quite depressing at many points, but I think its a good movie, it is more a love story than anything else I suppose (which depressed me, I felt sorry for myself šŸ˜› looking to my left to see the company I had, he’s not a bad friend but I could imagine some better company :twisted:). Anyway I think of a movie as good if I would buy it and watch it again and Slumdog Millionaire qualifies. Ghajini doesn’t.


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