National Day

Yesterday was National Day, I couldn’t go out but the others did, didn’t ask how it went (except my father who is always unimpressed and dissatisfied, he was obviously… unimpressed and dissatisfied 😛 ). Anyway I don’t think the fools took any pictures, the bestpic on sony ericsson works wonders even for shoothing fireworks (it takes a continues burst shot when you half press the button then when you press fully down it will capture where you are but also 4 shots before and after) ANYWAY, I FEEL SO UNPATRIOTIC I just realized it was national day 2 days earlier (I need to start reading the paper again and more often). Anyway I hope everyone enjoyed the light show and fireworks (maybe I will catch something on the news later today). Moving my fingers (AKA typing 😛 ) seems to be keeping me awake (which in this case is good by the way). I’m not into patriotism anyway. At least I had a look at there website 😛 bit of a dramatic introduction.


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