Brain drain

Ever watch or experience something and then feel like it sucked part of your brain out, making you dumber, or you have to watch it just to see how awful it gets or thinking it couldn’t get any worse (then it proves you wrong). Anyway I am going to list some recent ones.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Not into animal themed live action movies (animated is ok), granted they are for kids, but this movie was atrocious and sickening. I honestly felt like the day had gone to waste and I had destroyed a few thousand brain cells. My mind is contaminated, yuck yuck yuck.

Macross Frontier

First time watching macross and likely the last, its what my grandmother would think anime would be like, CORNY, FULL OF PLOT HOLES, SUPER EMOTIONAL SOAP OPERA DRAMA, GIANT ROBOTS, MUSIC IS THE POWER OF THE UNIVERSE? and LOTS OF FANSERVICE (practically means nakedness, last episode is noteworthy). Its like Barney the dinosaur mashed up with the bold and the beautiful (NO I DON’T WATCH THOSE, but I have endured other people watching them) with giant robots and magic alien communicating singing (and fanservice). Kills your brain (last episode is noteworthy). GET OUT OF MY HEAD J-POP.

Naruto ship 78-79 & 80

Series as a whole is pretty weak, but these 3 episodes (1 a double) takes the cake in brain draining action. WHY you ask, because the title of it is “Asuma DIES!”, then you have to wait through the whole double episode until the very last second(s) then he dies (sort of), he then spends the next episode DYING and TALKING. WHY WHY WHY? JUST DIE ASUMA, I NEVER LIKED YOU ANYWAY, DIE DIE DIE.

Death Race

I have no idea what posessed me to watch this, garbage and gore. This will fry your brain. No coolness factor, some stuff looks cool but totally isn’t, lame charecters, lame everything, people get torn up like packets of ketchup, writers had a tormented childhood and decided to torment others with this drivel.

There is more (like the entire SAW series), but I can’t be bothered to diss it just yet, I need sleep. On a side note Seirei no Moribito is totally awesome (so far), it has a female hero who is cool, keeps her clothes on (HOW UNCONVENTIONAL) and is really nicely animated.


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