Poor Dodge, I could cry

My poor car, I hurt him again (his name is Dodge, so he is a guy, besides my last car was a girl, Maxi πŸ˜› ), Anyway Dodge is quite a big fella, actually he is like a giant alligator on streroids and growth hormones, and he is a bit of a handfull, he also doesn’t turn as well as most cars his size since they are usually 4WD and with smaller wheelbases. Now the company finally has some parking, and I being called before my duty (I OFFICIALLY HATE WORK TODAY) was happy to see the parking was finally open (again after 3 months of being closed 😦 ), offcoarse I forgot that I needed to make 3 point turns to get my car in and out safely, so I happily park Dodge when security (I hate him today) tells me I have to move (I was happy with my parking, I literally had like 3 inches between me and the beam), annoyed, in a hurry and blocked by a car (I hate that guy as well today πŸ˜› ), I turned right as I came out, forgeting how close I am and how quacking tight the parking was I heard Dodge scream as his rear door scraped against a steel beam πŸ˜₯ , it was so heartbreaking. Should of just waited for the Suzuki Swift to move (the fool didn’nt want to though and the security didn’t exactly help), so I parked again told security to get lost, car stays where it is for the police to see, and explained my self to some dude who thinks he can tell me what to do (who is he anyway? not like I would listen if he told me to move the car πŸ˜› ), so I went to work, 10 hours later me and Dodge had to wait 2 hours for the police ( I was starting to think this was turning out to be a bad day 😦 ), I HATE the fact the guys kept saying they were almost there and refusing to just let me go to the station. Now work just called me up to change my shift (which was not legal, they should give me 10 hours notice, but I answered the phone 😦 dang ) waking me up and making sure I feel awful tommorow morning AND miss praying at the mosque (same with last schedule change, why do they hate me so?), I should of just not answered the phone, except I didn’t know it was them because they seem to have about 10 numbers and 3 more if the desk calls (okay maybe less, but they have too many numbers). Poor Dodge, I hate scheduling, I really need to get rid of Dodge (been trying to think how), he’s too big, eats too much and I can’t take him most places (hard to park, gas guzzler, lowish car, impssible in the souq) but I started to like Dodge (long story but we get along), just don’t know what to do with him 😦 . Second time I hurt Dodge (and it is MY fault, and the IDIOT who made the parking only big enough for Tiidas Corrollas and Fireflys, I want to take something hard and whack them across the head). I can’t ducking sleep so I am posting silly stuff on the net. I am so tired. I will decide in January what to do with Dodge.


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