I AM FAT 😥 . Ok updates on my stats, 107kg 41(ish)”. For some background info after Ramadan I gained weight (not during after, from 105 eventually to 108, NO IDEA WHY), Anyway been walking (6 km on corniche with ankle/wrist weights sometimes, or the treadmill). Feel hollow (don’t know how else to explain), something is missing. I have come to realize that I can’t exercise well when I don’t eat AND don’t sleep, the other day I tried exercising after not sleeping properly for two days and only eating some yoghurt and a cereal bar, and only a salad and two cereal bars the day before, my legs stopped working at around 17 minutes (seemed to be fine until then). Anyway trying to catch some sleep (not working out too well, obviously I’m too slow to catch anything 😛 ). Anyway. Sleep.


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