Obama has beaten McCain, historically significant. Him being black and all. One thing is for sure wether they do good or bad the administration should bring alot of change (which the US probably needs) will be interesting to watch (or be narrated whats happening in the world by my dear mother).

On the issue of politics, I find it intriguing (and disturbing) where companies put money. Apparently it is fairly common for LARGE companies like Google, Microsoft and Apple to give money (alot) towards political causes. I speak particularly about gay rights, now my stance on homosexuality is not a disease or of being born “different”, it is attraction between people that most people have the potential for but certain people are predisposed to, I don’t assume homosexuals to be pedophiles (apparently some people do) I honestly just think those engaging in same sex relations are living their life in the wrong way and they shouldn’t expect to be accommodated, to be blunt I see it like drinking, smoking, promiscuity some other questionable acts which I won’t bash people about (unless it is m place 😛 ) but will not accommodate (doesn’t mean you can’t relate), my beliefs are not rooted in religion but rather my knowledge and reinforced through my religion (you could say I went through a phase of being agnostic when I was quite young thats all I mean, not to belittle the importance of my religion to me, I just needed a few anchors for my faith so to speak) I am not talking about the sugar coated politically correct knowledge people like to talk about (or are pressured into). Anyway the point of all this is my money goes towards something I don’t believe in (goes against my beliefs I suppose), is it wrong to still buy from said company? or wrong to buy from a company that deals with that company? I am buying their products for the sake of their products at the end of the day, and who else are you going to use at the end of the day? To put things into perspective, Microsoft is on most peoples computers, Google is on everyones internet (even the searches inside some sites you visit are powered by Google), and Apple makes iPods (they are fairly popular BTW FYI) just something to think about, not something you can really do anything about though (trash everything, get a farm and live off the land?).


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