DOF and things

DOF has been on hold for a while but I plan to continue posting (this being an informal post). Still been exercising, usually managing +220 calories in 30 minutes (last workout 228 which was today). Keeping myself busy these days (easiest way to avoid certain people or not think about certain things 😛 ). My grandmother is going to kill me in December, urdu not going as well as I hoped, next months schedule looks… interesting. I think I am going to punch the next person who tells me to get a girlfriend. I wish my father would DO SOMETHING with himself, its so irritating to see somebody being so self destructive and callouss towards other people (he keeps complaining I always seem to have something to do, I don’t get it, am I supposed to sit around and do nothing? stuff doesn’t get learnt or done b itself). I can’t believe I was in an accident and the car got totaled AND I didn’t get hurt (post more on that later). Anyway I decided to keep posting because this blog is the closest thing I have to a memoir or diary and I doubt anyone I know reads it (I’m quite boring you see). I have a bad relationship with sleep, too much or too little, never just right. I need to train my body to live off 5 hours of sleep, then I would be fine (the bed is calling me at this very moment), I need to get over this lazy thing as well, need to study (my Quran is full of post its on things I want to look up tafsir for) for myself AND for work (I feel a bit absent minded nowadays, need to refresh, or it might be that Corolla coming at me kamikaze and knocking my head on the airbag). AHHH time for some more postings, I have so many photos to go through first (not been posting on flickr either). L8r.


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