Crazy fun, out of adrenaline

I’m feeling tired, after 30 hours or so with four hours sleep. I managed a 7 hour shift, the hardest workout ever (SORE all over), drove around (doing stuff) for almost 4 hours and the day is still young. The workout was great though, It made me happy when I needed some, I was tired so I drank a pepsi while exercising (caffeine and sugar, it does wonders for me since I don’t really drink that stuff, or coffee) so I was tired AND hyper for a while (does that make sense). Now that I’ve sat down I feel a bit tired (still a bit wired though). I love tea. Hardest thing about fasting for me was no tea. Al Hamduli Allah, fun day (and it’s only half way through, no time to be sad, for that I’m glad). Life is moving on I suppose, better try and catch up 😛 I’m not getting left behind. Not having everything you want just helps remind you how glad you are for what you have (and want). Out of adrenaline, energy, caffeine and endorphins, zzz time. My mother forced me to come back home, driving too fast and I look half dead she said (I think its just that I’m a bit unshaven).


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