Cruel World? Geass is DEAD?

My father fractured and dislocated his wrist with some minor shattering, so he’s in a cast now. He might need an operation but he might be ok so they will decide after 2 weeks (offcoarse he decided that he needed one before the doctor). I know its cruel to say but the first two days he’s been milking for all its worth, it’s actually funny because in front of some people ooh aah ana miskeen in so much pain (which I thought justifiable at times but distasteful at others considering several things) and in front of others (his friend naturally šŸ˜› ) hahaha why would I need help to an x-ray my legs aren’t broken, it was amusing I suppose, he seems to be better now (although spending an awfully long time in bed šŸ˜› considering he’s the one that mentioned his legs were fine I mean šŸ™‚ ) I hopes he starts taking care of himself now (i.e. because he is so inactive his body is becoming VERY weak).

Code geass ended well, so many girls (and guys :P) cried in that episode, it ended the way it should (that whole speech about becoming evil to defeat evil found a solution R2 episode 4) I suppose happy(ish) endings can be okay (I’m just thankful for a good ending, sometimes bad endings just ruin the WHOLE thing, in this case it more like saves it), I’m glad it’s over because the outfits (and character design i.e. disproportionate and SKINNY) was getting worse as the series progressed I think, ah well at least it was interesting (though REALLY silly and ANNOYING quite often, why can’t some people stay dead?), the power of absolute obedience ; SCARY, well Geass is dead.

Whoever believes talking might be the way to resolve things might change their mind if they knew of me. I managed to get locked out, and all I can do know is peek through the windows and I can’t see much (the curtains are closed) and maybe no one can see me. Either I’m bookmarked or not being visited. I suppose I can wait at the door for a while, maybe it opens eventually ( I won’t say it :P). I should be patient, faithful, persevering and understanding (BUT IT’S HARD SOMETIMES). Well for now there is nothing to do but wait (I can’t pray for what I want unfortunately, there is a very good reason which I will keep to my self). Maybe talking about peoples feet is off putting? or maybe it’s unfair to ask someone not to rely on someone else’s guidance if they need it? (I didn’t mean it that way). I think I’m in love, this is so unfair STUPID BOWL (click to see).


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