REALLY BUSTED. Never knew I could get on anyones nerves so easily (obviously you shouldn’t know me and read my blog, it’s too much for some people πŸ˜› ). I will have plenty of time to think about that later at work. I bought three watches, not sure WHY (or for who πŸ˜› ), wanted to buy one for me then thought thats selfish so bought 2 hag umi since I couldn’t buy less for her, and I’m hoping one will match her new hand bag, she will probably not like them and give them to my sisters πŸ™‚ , after buying the watch I decided maybe I should give to my bro, not really my style, I will see if it matches my brown shoes and jacket first then decide (HE IS getting 3eediya after all so he shouldn’t complain). Long day ahead and I really am tired (but still happy in a way), back home midnight YAWN. Ah well time to go pray and get ready. Had breakfast (kebab) and lunch (kebab πŸ˜› ), I also had dinner yesterday ( KEBAB πŸ˜€ ), so I should be ok. At least I got to wear jeans this year (jacket AND pants AND I didn’t shave SO COOL, usually only girls get to wear jeans, NOT THAT I WAS JEALOUS, well not that cool bs yalla). Time to go. Just no helping people like me.


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