YAY IM BUSTED, I can’t help but smile (I just LOVED the response btw). So anyway I am going to go out now and see if I can buy anything before flying back to Doha and giving up my money (I am the eldest and work = 3eediya). Bro H isn’t here shasawi? QUACK it all, I finally get to sleep then I get attacked by messages and a missed call just long enough to wake me up properly, I need to call umi. If you’re reading this (you know who you are, relegioun, sounds like bad pasta from under a 900 year old bed) thank you for busting me, you just made my day 🙂 😛 , there really is no helping people like me 😀 .

Eid mubarak happy people, I will do the message thing tomorrow (that way I can just steal the best of what I get 😛 )


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