Venting my frustrations on the treadmill (well not really all that but I’m pretending to be emotional 😛 ) anyway no DOF, too lazy. 207, 210, 215 calories (last one was today) all after 30 min on treadmill (220 actually on the last but -5 because I dropped my merinda and paused, and paused to see me silly sis). I think my waist is a it down, weight is the same. I actually want Ramadan to end this year astaghfir allah, I’m just tired and stressed, I feel there isn’t enough of me to go around (maybe I’m just too lazy), I don’t mean that in a vain way btw (I still have time to think useless thoughts wanting things I shouldn’t and stressing people out apparently, just bad to the bone I guess 🙂 , sarcasm btw ). Well things are ok for now in most ways Al Hamduli Allah. I am still trying to figure something out but just can’t (there must be something else, I am not that important or that bad so as to matter enough to be that upsetting), oh well time to shower, I’m a bit happy now because of the adrenaline and endorphins (happy hormones released when you exercise and stuff).

UPDATE yay I did the zakat, now I feel like an idiot because I left the house late anyway so I could of prayed taraweeh then gone 😦 , my mother told me off as well (which I deserved, I only went to taraweeh three times I think and even with the 20 or so days I have an excuse for I could of at least gone 3 more days, I suck 😦 ). Today I proved even while giving charity I can be an unpredictable goof. There is really no helping people like me 😀 🙂 😥 😛 . Last day of Ramadan at home so I am going to STUFF MY FACE (hint; food makes me happy). 5ayif umi za3lana miny 😦 . OH last episode of Code Geass, second season so lackluster so far, I want a happy ending for CC, wayid miskeena (she eats all that pizza and still stays thin somehow! but that must be what turns her hair green), I’m glad it’s finishing because it has become so uncool and the characters are disproportionate as ever.


2 thoughts on “STOMP STOMP STOMP

  1. I just had a quick look at your site, I don’t think you should fast with the problem you seem to have, you should take better care of yourself. I guess this year I’m not really making the best of it, its the first time that it really doesn’t seem to have gone by that fast for me, astaghfir allah. About losing weight yknow I only eat a light fu6oor and a sometimes heavy su7oor and I guess most people are like that (or the other way around) and don’t eat much (if there a bit careful and avoid certain things) so it would make it all the more difficult for you. Ah well since I didn’t make the best of it this year it’s all the more reason to stay alive and make the best of it next year (what a silly statement 😛 ).

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