I hate email

I hate emails, now I’m waiting until after ramadan and thinking if I should send an email thani el eid or something. Maybe ask them to chat online? I don’t even like talking on the phone much because you can’t read people and people can’t read you, talking face to face is always the best thing (true it’s traumatizing to the other person because of the way I look πŸ˜› , and I don’t think I can really do it in this case aye?). I’m thinking i’ve either been figured out or there is a serious case of mistaken identity (I is trying really hard not to answer the message, I hope I don’t upset anyone, thats it not visiting vox for the next 2 days, if I can help it that is), I don’t know which. I’m thinking that I really aren’t important enough to cause any sadness (but maybe I’m just stupid enough 😦 ) anyway either way I think I’ll send the email because I want to know what’s wrong, but I’m afraid what it would mean to that person or they would think I want or expect something from them, but I’m used to asking why people are sad (I used to email this person too sometimes to ask them, I just don’t know though yimkin ahasan atim sakit? yimkin malee 5us w I’m just really self obsessed?). Anyway I have to do alot of reading, I’m going to Vienna tomorrow and for a short stop, I have no idea what I’m doing though because of the funny way it’s scheduled, ah well can’t be too bad, I would buy a really expensive hand bag (the have a Luis Vuitton and other shops) but I’m a dude, my mother doesn’t want any (maybe because of the politics?), I wish I could go to an orchestra, but it is Ramadan and I never happen to be there when there is one, YAY next month schedule is out. Good job Hempel (not that you ever visit this site), I knew you could do it. I hate deadheading. Excellent I have 17 and 18th off (I needed that), now I can really cause some trouble (I feel sorry for the world that has to contain me). I can’t believe I fell asleep only 45 minutes before imsak (I said I will just leave my head here for another 5 minutes then poof), woke up under 10 minutes before, luckily there was a slice of pizza in the fridge, so I heated that and I was good (no time to eat sweet 😦 so sad, umi made sweet, I didn’t eat, I feel guilty now 😦 ). Am I acting like a stalker? WHAT THE QUACK!


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