Name of a Song

Land of confusion is a Song from the album “Invisible Touch” by Genesis. Really like that song. I guess I go for the whole “this is the world we live in and these are the hands were given… etc” kinda thing. I have no idea what I’m doing now, I know I’m not asleep thats for sure, I know I’m not being smart thats for sure. I think the thoughts that enter my (ugly vain selfish) head are totally ridiculous and obviously stupid and I just don’t know how to keep my big mouth shut. Why the hell can’t I delete comments off vox? I really have to stop being such a fool, it’s Ramadan mafrooth at’adab, I dance really really BADLY (just something else to learn to do, yay? probably cause I have ugly feet 😛 ), I have an ugly voice so I can’t sing, I have an ugly face so…(I can’t think of anything). Obviously I’m not a model, singer or dancer. I have no idea what I’m posting, every thought going through my (sleepy tired white haired) head is ridiculous in one way or another so why not GO FOR IT. Oh yay my waist shrunk (breathing like you’re dying or suffocating and waving your arms around like a crazy lunatic man clown on drugs while on the treadmill must work 😛 ). I have to try and be more patient (with my father) apparently. Don’t have time to be patient now maybe later 😛 . I have no idea what this post is about (thats why there is a category called silly stuff 😀 ), how can someone spell “rather” as “raither”? ITS DISTURBING. I want to tell them off al7een (losing focus too sleepy). At least I’m off tomorrow. I wonder if most people in this world understand my jokes (then they would understand me because I’m a great big vain stupid joke HAHA, ok that was so not funny and completely… just not funny). I am such an idiot aren’t I? (I think I’m getting used to it though 😛 ).


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