NO NO NO, schedule so messed up. Why can’t people accept the way I be. Anyway I was reading someone’s blog (that person I’m not supposed to be reading about 😛 ). Anyway I don’t know if they are checking out my flickr or reading my blog and I’m bugging them (taking me too seriously? I’m just a drama queen, thats actually a guy !!!) . They seem sad, can’t email them because I’m sort of not meant to (complicated, my bad 😦 ). Anyway in case you are reading this and it’s my fault I’m sorry, I’m fine and hope you are too, you haven’t done anything wrong to me, life is just, well the way it is. And if it’s not me, I’m sorry to be presumptuous, it’s not that I think I’m particularly important, maybe just annoying so sorry if I’m sounding arrogant or like I don’t know what the hell I’m talking about (very possible considering what an idiot I am). TTFN. Be happy please.


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