Yay I did some exercise, I feel much better now. I really love my brown jacket, been trying it with everything (even though I’m sure I’m not going to be walking around just in my vest anytime soon 😛 please no one comment) I wanted to post some other stuff but I need to get going to work now, I’m just happy I exercised though, going to be a REALLY long day. Ah well work is work and fun in its own way (I get to throw around upto 93tonnes of metal tube, engines, people and fuel through the air, sometimes it’s fun 😛 ). Ah yes off to work, my mother is bored of me talking about my jacket, I hope it doesn’t look bad after I lose LOADS and LOADS of weight (which I WILL), I will be so so so so SO sos SO SOOSOSOSOSO sad. Ah well. Only way to find out is to lose the weight, maybe I can gain some muscle to compensate (it will take work though 😦 ) I told my mother maybe I should put it on the maid to seehow it looks on a skinny person but she thought I’m crazy (considering what I do for a living she may have a point 😛 ). I’m lonely, need somebody (hetrosexual and of the opposite sex) for company somtimes (most my few close friends are hitched, and having babies AHHHH, I love BABIES, I’m at least 2 or 3 years away from having kids, provided I find someone, SAD think I need to wait anyway 😦 , I love kids).


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