Crying BORED of bad sleep

Ya ALLAH. I can’t sleep (I AM SO BORED OF NOT SLEEPING LIKE A HUMAN) and I have a long day at work tomorrow (technically today). Three days ago I actually cried, I think I cried more than I ever cried, I feel silly now (I had a good reason to cry but still, crying is for movies or for sad music, or when the 5u6ba is really good). I’ve been sick and moody but now I be feeling better (except I’m always moody šŸ˜› ) I have only exercised like three times since Ramadan, I feel fat (luckily I didn’t put on weight but I WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT), I’ve been kept quite busy though (need to learn Urdu before visiting grandmother in December šŸ˜Æ , my mother told her I was speaking urdu, what a cruel trick, I’m going to get told off so badly ), it also seems I’m so sleepy at least every other day but I can’t sleep. I think I’m not using up enough energy. Thats it I’m going to exercise NOW. I will destroy this flabby stomach. I have been praying really hard for things to stabilize a bit (seems to be working), but until a certain thing happens I don’t want to pray for anything else which is driving me crazy because I always pray for certain things (4 or so, GREEDY GREEDY, I have things to want not necessarily for myself, sometimes for me šŸ˜› ). Ahh I think my faith in god is a bit stronger than it has been for awhile these last few days. Al Hamduli Allah everyday. It’s 2 in the morning, OH YES UMI MADE SAIMYAH FOR ME YAY. I read on someones blog that their bored of how routine life is, honestly you would think some people would know how to appreciate a bit of calm every now and again, and there is always stuff to do (I’m just usually too lazy to do it, 3 languages to go. 278 Pages of Quran. AAHHH. I hope Eid is the 3oth so I’m in Vienna šŸ˜› ESCAPE FROM DRAMA OF THE HOUSE, only going to get 5 hours of sleep BLAH) QUACK TO THE WORLD.


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