Yesterday was a better day

Tomorrow is never a better day it seems. The last few years life has been “bleak” in many ways. 3 days ago it seemed like the world was against my mother, we made a plan and decided we can manage. The day after, things got much worse, the day started so badly (yesterday), but by the end of the day it seemed things were ok, problems were partially solved and things would be better. No tomorrow is here and the sadness seems like it will never go away, nobody deserves to suffer like this, least of all this someone. The future looks black. The sadness might fade but life is about to get a whole lot harder and I’m really scared. Everybody manages somehow in the end. Kila naseeb, la howla wa laa quwata illa bi Allah. My father might just make everything harder by the way he is, I wish he wasn’t here for now, he isn’t that good a man (in some very important ways) and maybe he never was (to literally wish evil unto others to bring comfort to yourself, even after doing so much hurt. Shilfayda what you do itha niyaatik mub 9afya). Yesterday seems like it was a better day.


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