Me and my mother ran away from home (or went for a long drive) because life was getting us down (my father was being intolerable and many other complicated problems). Anyway we left the house a 8, naturally everywhere was closed. Hence we drove around for almost 2 hours. Its funny because Qatar isn’t a big place but I haven’t seen most of it (even the places everyone else has been) because I don’t go out to drive just for the sake of driving. Anyway having gone to Al-Khor and Ras Laffan (I have overflown them) we turned back (Ras Laffan “industrial city” has a security gate, we didn’t bother trying to get in, the waved at us to get lost before that anyway 😛 plus we had to get back to “civilization”). My mother didn’t like me going or let me go very fast (mostly 😛 I managed to get to 200 kmph but then the road wasn’t clear so had to slow down, I don’t think I’ve driven faster than 220 so I wanted to so If I could do better). AHHH then we went to the bank but it was busy, so we went shopping while waiting for our number. Looked for eid clothes for me sisters ( and shoes offcoarse :P) , I saw a FANTASTIC brown jacket that I was going to insist on buying but I FORGOT by the time we were done with the bank 😥 , it hate it when we say “lets go shopping YAY” and buy nothing, ducks, I don’t know how much the jacket costs, I’m stretched a bit thin for the next few days. I am now bored, I told off my sister for screaming and crying (because I told her to stop playing on the computer) and I am now going to punish her (well not really, I just talked to her for 10 min, softy but talkative 😛 or “understanding” ) by doing her homework with her reading Quran with me, actually this requires more effort from me than it does from her, why my father doesn’t do this is a mystery (too busy not being busy obviously). I think my pillow will explode if I hug it any harder.

UPDATE bought it and I love it. Its so cool, and its not black (like most me jackets). Only 300QR so its OK (I promised I wouldn’t buy if it cost more than 500 😛 ).


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