Garga’oon 1429 / 2008

Halfway trough Ramadan already, and I’ve only been to taraweeh twice and only just less than a quarter through the Quran, need to pick up the pace. I’m quite depressed because I’M NOT LOSING WEIGHT. Anyway probably spend the night handing out garga’oon to little kids who don’t even bother singing (lazy brats). I CANT BELIEVE IT HAS BEEN A YEAR since all that stuff that happened in a years time had happened 😛 (yknow what I mean). I got an email that my friend whos like a little bro (as in short 😛 ) might be coming to Qatar (he be from a small island to the northwest, Bahrain, where half me memories are, the other half are lost or twisted by my overactive imagination 😛 ). I hope he’s not messing with me because I read the email and was so happy, miskeen I will give him hell, mushkilla thooqah fe el akil shwaya bas. WHY DOESNT ANYBODY LEAVE ANY COMMENTS?

UPDATE My freind is only visiting for a few days, ah well better than nothing, I gave 17 or so kids garga’oon last night and some of them actually sang (a tiny bit not much though).


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