Diary of a Fatman: DOF post 10

DOF = Diary of a fatman. All calorie readouts as per machine display unless otherwise stated. Included a food journal this week.

Sun 07/08/08 I fell down (in bed) and couldn’t get up. My legs feel like lead weights (for the last week).

Mon 08/09/08 180 Calories after 30 min on treadmill.Exercised in KTM, I ended up on a really old NASTY and WOBBLY treadmill which swung around alot and didn’t count calories fairly, it said 155 while I was expecting at least 190 because I felt like dying of tiredness (that just might be that I was tired though) so I counted it as 180 😛 .

Tue 09/09/08 Long day at work. I went home and gave my bed a hug but there were too many thoughts bouncing around in my head (like… bouncing rubber balls on FIRE). I hate it when you feel sleepy until your head touches the pillow then your body is like “I don’t think so”. El zibdah no exercise :8 . Get over it.

Wed 10/09/08 BLAH. Tired, late after taraweeh (had to move an oven!).

Thu 11/09/08 200 Calories after 30 min on treadmill. Technically on friday since it was 0230 am, the best thing about exercising at that time is that there is no one to bother you, the worst thing is getting out of bed 😦 . It always seems people phone while I’m trying to sleep or exercise, for once this wasn’t the case 😀 .

Fri 12/09/08 NO

Sat 13/09/08 PAIN PAIN PAIN (means no will update if any change though).

Weekly summary: Ok I skipped a week!! Offcoarse nobody noticed so I’m in the clear. Gimme a break my schedule was a bit hectic especially since I was fasting. Only exercised twice this week. Now that I have a scale in my bedroom I can weigh myself with my …glasses off, shaving off some weight but I decided to keep them on since its indecent to walk around without your glasses!!! (it will make sense when you get it 😛 ).

Week ending Stats: 177cm tall, 105 kg (just under), waist @ 42″, hips @ 48″ !!!, thighs @ 29″ (each) !!! out of interest shoulders are at about 46″ (hard to measure circumference might be a bit more 🙂 or less 😦 ). Though the measurements sound scary they aren’t that ridiculous, from my shoulders apparently my target should be approximately 36″ waist and hence 40″ hips. Thats going to take a while 😦 , I told me mum I should have a 36″ waist but she said I would look skinny, HAH I win. Anyway I will have to build some muscle I guess because my shoulder width might go down as I lose weight, pfft, life so complicated. Food pick this week is fruit. (OKAY its not new but taking pictures of food is HARD actually most my pix suck more than usual nowadays)


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