Ramadan Kareem 1429 / 2008

Yay Ramadan, mabrook 3alaikum el shahr. I am totally not hungry, I didn’t eat su7oor because I ate out with a friend last night, first I had to excape the house or I would have lost my mind (my father is obsessed with making a big deal out of food). I also had to do shopping (twice yesterday which my paa said he would do but whatever) so after going to work in the morning (putting out fire YAY) going shopping twice (I dragged my friend along the second time so I owed him dinner, that was a good steak OMG I FORGOT TO TAKE A PICTURE 😛 ) and other stuff here and there I was feeling quite tired, I feel quite off today but I think I just need to do some stretching and exercise. Today I went shopping AGAIN this time with my father, I don’t know he seems to think I LOVE buying stuff for the house like really heavy tiring to move around cartons of drinks and boxes of frozen chickens, so he HAD to take me along OBVIOUSLY (well it wasn’t THAT bad but I don’t see why both of us had to go seeing as I have been going shopping for the house several times the last few days, naybe were meant to be bonding? IM TOO OLD FOR THAT OMG). I made a picture so I could send somthing original to my mother, I also sent it to my father and showed it to my aunt and they asked where I got it and I said I made it and they were like “you didn’t have to bother there is stuff online”, I told my aunt I wanted to send umi something by me even if it wasn’t that great, I didn’t bother explaining to my father I would of thought he would get it. Anyway they sort of made me laugh, apparently my thought process is abnormal 😛 ( I mean maybe I’m a bit weird) :mrgreen: anyway I posted the pic I made (the one with this post 😛 ). Anyway mabrook 3alaikum el shahr w taqabal Allah 9iyamakum. AHA now I just remembered I’m going to work tonight 😦 . Ducks.


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